About John Kozak

Experience is Paramount

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The first time I ever saw t'ai chi I was hooked. We were a perfect match both mentally and physically. I loved its grace, skill, and power. There were few teachers then, mostly in the big cities and mostly from China. The method of teaching was reflective of the Chinese cultural personality, not the American cultural personality. Any additional resources, like books and videos in English, were virtually nonexistent.

Here I am some 40 years later still doing t'ai chi. The only difference now is that the satisfaction and joy I feel is much greater than when I first began. How can that be? For one thing, I'm a lot better at it.

I am frequently asked, don't you ever get bored doing the same exercise over and over again? The simple answer is No!

The full beauty of t'ai chi doesn't lie in some secondary benefit it can offer, but rather in experiencing it directly. Those who persevere in their practice discover it is much more than a physical exercise; it is an art the practice of which never grows old.

"I have restarted the practice of T'ai Chi. It feels like the happiness one feels after reuniting with a dear friend. Again, as I revisit T'ai Chi, I think of you and want to thank you for the gifts you have given me."
— Karen, Illinois

History of Teaching

Even my own children while they were growing up would frequently interrupt our conversations with, "Pops, you're teaching again." I was born a teacher, worked as a teacher, still remain a teacher, and will probably die a teacher.

After graduate school, I taught college English for 8 years. I then switched professions, went back to school, and became a clinical Assistant Professor at a chiropractic college.

I taught chiropractic for 10 years before making another career change leaving the profession in 1991 to open my own t'ai chi business teaching in the Chicago area.

When I moved to Hilton Head in 2007, I decided to cut back classes and offer individual students private lessons only. These private lessons have proved to be like rocket fuel. Powerful stuff!